China Slim Tea Review, Does it Really Works? Results and Side Effects

China Slim Tea

China slim tea:- In our daily life, We see many products that claim that this product is good for your health or helps you with weight loss or boosts your immunity, and is 100% natural and herbal and many more claims. When we are scrolling through our feeds on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

But as a customer, we should not buy this kind of product before dedicated research. in this article, I am going to review china slim tea for your convenience whether you should use it or not.

What is china slim tea?

China Slim Tea is a one-of-a-kind product that claims it is 100% herbal and natural tea, a dietary supplement with no preservatives and no caffeine. Which gives extra strength, aids in weight loss and constipation, and is available for men and women. Comes under the brand name of The teapot company.

what’s in china slim tea?

senna leaf (Cassia Acutifolia Delile) is the main ingredient in china slim tea. senna is a herb that is nothing but a type of over-the-counter laxative because of its sennosides chemical which creates a laxative effect.

As we all know a laxative is a type of medication which generally used to treat short-term constipation.

When you read about senna leaf and what it works. The most common answer you will get is that senna leaf is used to treat short-term or occasional constipation. it is also approved by FDA as a nonprescription laxative. it is also used in some teas in order to help in relieving occasional constipation and in weight loss as instance we can take the example of china slim tea.

Does china slim herbal tea delight work or not?

Whenever we think of buying a product, it is a very common question that comes to our mind whether this product is useful for us or not. By looking at the ingredients of a product, it can be ascertained to a great extent whether this product will work according to our needs or not.
Whether china slim tea works or not depends on what purpose you want to use it for.

Does it work for Constipation?

So as we told you earlier china slim tea contains senna as its main ingredient. Whose job is to give you relief from short-term or occasional constipation and help you clean your stomach.
so if you want to use china slim tea in order to relieve constipation it can be a good option for you.

China Slim Tea Customer review

China Slim Tea Coustomer Review

But keep in mind that you have to drink one cup in a day and that too after having dinner.
And you should not use senna for more than 1 week without consulting a physician. because excess use of senna can cause stomach upset and diarrhea.

Does it work in weight loss?

When we talk about whether china slim tea helps in weight loss or not. As the word slim is used in its name, then you might think that this tea will help you in weight loss but it is not true.

The clear answer in one word is NO. People use senna for weight loss but there is no scientific evidence available to support this use of senna.

There are many teas and other products in the market who claims that this product will help you with weight loss and you will get shocking results and all the stuff but you also know that they don’t.

There is no such product or tea in the market that provides you with a permanent weight loss solution. Yes, you may see a short-term weight loss result from them, but that is temporary and with time, as soon as you stop using that product, then your weight increases back or you get more use of that product. can cause a lot of damage to your health.

The only key to weight loss is you need to be consistent and disciplined manner in your workouts and in eating a nutritionist and calorie-controlled diet. This will give you a long-term weight loss result and your favorite body shape. You don’t need to depend on any powder or teas and kind of products that claims quick weight loss.

Does china slim tea work in the detoxication of your body?

Not really, When you use china slim tea and when it starts working (usually 6 to 8 hours after consuming) you will feel like your body is getting detoxified. But actually, china slim tea reduces water weight in your body. It doesn’t make your body toxin free. and also senna (chine slim tea ingredient) is no longer proven to help you detoxify your body.

here are some effective ways so that your body can get rid of all the harmful toxins.

  • Keep your body hydrated. Drink sufficient water(About 15.5 cups) throughout the day.
  • Stop or limit your smoking and drinking alcohol habits.
  • Eat fruits and green leafy vegetables( rich in antioxidants)
  • Do regular exercise at least 30 minutes a day,5 days a week.

Is china slim tea safe?

Longer and overuse of china slim tea can be harmful to you, due to its excessive use you may have to face stomach discomfort, cramps, and diarrhea, liver damage.

And as mentioned in the product description of china slim tea that if you have the problem of diarrhea, loose stools or you have pain in your stomach then you should not use this product at all. And if you are running medicine for any disease, then you must consult a physician before using this product.

Note:- You should read its instruction carefully before using china slim tea.

instructions on that how to use china slim tea.

1) Drink this tea after your evening meal(Dinner).

2) Drink one cup in a day with one cup of hot water over one teabag.

3)You do not have to use china slim tea for more than 10 days. Otherwise, it can be harmful to your health.

4)And this product should not be used by children below 12 years and pregnant women at all.
china slim tea side effects

As china slim tea is a kind of senna tea and senna is such a herb whose unregulatory use can cause some side effects which are as follows

1) Stomach cramps and diarrhea:- longer use of senna can cause stomach cramps and diarrhea. It can harm your overall bowel function. your bowel can stop working on its own because of laxative dependency.

2) Impact on kidneys:- Long-term use of senna can lead to inflammation of your kidneys and can make an adverse and irreversible effect. Such a person who is suffering from any kidney-related issue should not use china slim tea.

3) Liver damage: It is another side effect that can occur from the excessive use of china slim tea (senna) so do not be habitual of senna.

4) Dehydration of your body:- Your body can be dehydrated because of liquid loss from frequent use of china slim tea because senna has no longer been proven to use for detoxing your body.

So it is recommended to use this as per the instruction of the tea.

China Slim Tea Before and After.

You should use this product according to your body’s feeling after the use of day one if your body is feeling good then you can use it for the next day but in case your body feels extra bowel moment(as per the product description suggests) or any other extreme condition then you should use it one day except for 2 days.

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China slim tea reviews

As far as customer reviews are concerned, this product has got a rating of about 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon and 4.9 out of 5 on Rootspring(an online e-commerce store), but every customer purchases the product according to his own need, So you also have to keep in mind that for what result you are buying the product. You will see that most of the customer reviews are quite positive but keep in mind these results are as on their health condition.

china slim Tea Review 2
Customer Review From Rootandspring

Conclusion on china slim Dieter’s herbal tea Delight

china slim tea If you are constipated in the short term then this product is a good option for you (as per the ingredients and product reviews suggest)
but if you are going to use this product in order to lose weight you will not get the result you want.
Also, consult your physician before buying this product as per your health situation they will guide you on whether you should use it or not.

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